zondag 14 september 2014

Sailing from Rotterdam

Last weekend I visited the World port days in my home town Rotterdam. My daughters and parents joined me. Days like this are a highlight for my father. At seventeen he started working for the Holland America Line (HAL) as a bellboy. Ending his career at sea in his early twenties, after having seen great part of the world. It was a very pretty lady, my mother, who managed to keep him at home in the end :-)

Before my father sailed, he used to have his book stamped in the old building with the green copper turret. For a long time this was the main office of the HAL. Nowadays it's a popular hotel/restaurant, called Hotel New York. My dad still enjoys visiting it.

So when I mentioned the words 'harbour', 'boats', 'Hotel New York', he was enthusiastic straight away! We watched demonstrations by the Royal Navy and life guards, enjoyed the lively atmosphere and walked through Katendrecht, which was once a dubious part of town. Nowadays it's hip and upcoming.  It's the place where you can meet for a cup of tea or coffee, have a delicious meal and buy something old or new. It's quirky. It's old warehouses versus skyscrapers. It's really HOT!

Besides watching the boats, we had lunch at Posse espresso bar, a vintage cafe in one of the old warehouses. After that we bought some freshly baked bread at Jordan's bakery, which you can find at the Fenix Food factory. 

Next time you are looking for a city trip, take Rotterdam in mind. It's worth it! I did an earlier post on Rotterdam and Katendrecht. Please have a look if you would like to see some more photo's.

Have a great week! I am off to Zeeland. A friend, who is from the islands, is going to show me around!


Madelief x

zondag 7 september 2014

Picking flowers and the last tomatoes


From early March I have been picking flowers. From my garden off course :-)  Starting with daffodils, muscari and tulips, then roses, lavender, sweet peas and many more. Now it's time for the dahlia to be picked and taken home.

It was a surprise which colours the dahlia's would have. I added mixed tubbers in spring, not knowing which colours would appear. I was pleasantly surprised! I am not that much of a yellow and orange fan, but the flowers do brighten up a bouquet and make it a bit quirky.

I mixed the dahlia's with anemones, phlox and white echinacea and added some fern like leaves.  I do love those colourful bouquets!

This post will probably be one of the last of my garden. I will try to stretch it a bit! :-) You never know, the garden may still give me a surprise or two.

At the moment there is not much left in bloom. After a long wait the first Zinnia's appear. Hurray to that! Unfortunately my first seedlings were eaten by the slugs. I seeded a few more at the end of June, but it took them a while to pop up. I don't have that many, but better have four or five Zinnia's than none at all :-)

While I write this post, the sun is pouring in through my window. A perfect day for spending outdoors! Wishing you all a Happy new week!


Madelief x

I apologosie for the quality of the square photo of me picking the last tomatoes in the greenhouse, but it was made with my mobile. If you like, you can find more photo's on Instagram (see sidebar).

zondag 31 augustus 2014

Queen of the annuals

It was more than a week ago since I last visited my garden. While I have been enjoying a short break with my parents in Limburg, my middle daughter took care of the plants. She watered the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and got rid of the worst weeds. According to her, the garden was no longer 'under control'

While I walked up my garden path and had a good look around, I realised she was right. It looked a bit overgrown. We had some excessive rainfall the last two weeks, which made it virtually impossible to work. The garden being soaking wet. I probably told you before that my garden is in a polder, a few meters below sea level. So I think you know what I mean. 

With renewed energy (that's what a couple of days in the country do with me) I set off to work: cleaning my cutting patch, mowing my grass (at last) and get rid of some long stems, which made it impossible for me to walk to my garden house without scratching my arms, legs or face. Before heading home, I cut some sweet peas. Probably the last of this season. I will miss the bright colours and sweet scent of the queen of annuals! 

Wishing you a happy week! It's going to be sunny in The Netherlands. It will be lovely to have summer back. If only for a few days. Enjoy!


Madelief x

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